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Katie Carroll

Katie Carroll


Los Angeles CA USA


5' 6"

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Katie Carroll proves that no matter where you are, if you have Playboy potential, the universe will make sure to create a chance encounter. “I was at a gas station in Beverly Hills next to the Playboy Mansion. I had never been to the Playboy Mansion before and something very strange happened,” explains the English major at UCLA. “I met Crystal Harris, Hef’s girl, and she said, ‘you look like you could be a great Playboy model and I want to invite you to the Mansion.’” And the rest is history—the busty blonde with the sparkling green eyes went to the Mansion and became our Coed of the Week for January 4, 2011. “Meeting Hef was a scary experience! But, he is so very sweet and so charming and nice that he calms you down right away,” confesses Katie. Even though the Playboy experience was scary at first, she encourages any hopeful models to join the Playboy family because Katie couldn’t adore the Playboy experience anymore if she tried. “Keep following your dreams and always choose what you want to do and not what somebody else wants you to do,” advises Miss Carroll. Katie tells us about meeting Hugh, hanging at the Mansion and her plans for the future in her Facetime interview.