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Katie Kush

Katie Kush
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Katie Kush is a lively and friendly adult star from Phoenix, Arizona. “What makes me, me? I like to live life as an adventure,” shares Katie of herself. “I’m always making jokes— people say I’m goofy.” A long-time fan and admirer of the brand, Katie first discovered Playboy through TV and movies. “I grew up watching ‘Sex and the City’ and the movie ‘House Bunny,’” says Katie. “I always idolized the Playboy Bunnies and the fact that they were a muse to someone.” For Katie, her work is a pure confidence booster. “I love my job because I have given myself the freedom to work, adventure, and have less worry,” she says thoughtfully. “Posing nude has given me so much confidence. I’ve learned so much about myself from this job, and I love the way it helps me continue to grow.” When she’s not working, Katie loves to be outdoors and stay active. “My hobbies are hiking and paddle boarding,” she says, “I [also] love dancing! It’s been something I’ve done since I was a kid. I love creative art forms and being imaginative.” Get to know Katie Kush better through her pictorials here on Playboy Plus!


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