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Katy Belle
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“I’m not afraid to be myself,” says Katy Belle, a model and content creator. “I’m super quirky and a bit of a goofball,” she adds. Katy is originally from Luray, Virginia. “I’m a nature girl at heart and am not afraid to get dirty,” she says. “I grew up outside playing in the woods, exploring caverns, and riding horses.” Something she also discovered when she was younger is Playboy magazines. “I found a stalk of Playboy magazines at a thrift shop,” shares Katy of her first encounter with the brand. “I was stunned by all the beautiful women.” This small moment had a more significant impact on Katy. “I collect vintage Playboy magazines today— my favorite cover is July 1974.” For Katy, this moment is a long time coming. “What am I most proud of? Honestly, working with Playboy,” she admits. “I never thought I would have been a candidate in a million years, and I’m so glad I believed in myself!” Posing nude is natural for Katy, and she hopes to inspire with her photos. “I love it. I’ve never been afraid to be nude,” she says. “I feel comfortable in my skin and hope I can inspire others to feel the same way.” Check out Katy Belle’s features right here on Playboy Plus.