Kayla Garvin

Kayla Garvin


Eugene, Oregon


5' 6"

Playmate of the month

January 2018

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Kayla Garvin can teach us all a thing or two about being free. Since she was young, your January 2018 Playmate has lived a nomadic lifestyle — something that has stuck with her until now in her adult years. “Everybody asks, ‘Are you from a military family?’ No. My mom is gypsy-like and just [wanted] to move around,” explains the gorgeous, Eugene, Oregon native. “When I was seven we moved to Vegas for a year and then to Colorado.” As a result of her adventurous upbringing, Kayla is nothing if not adaptable and open. “I’m up for anything…within reason,” she laughs. A creative soul, Kayla has many interests, but art has always been her constant. “In college, I majored in psychology with a minor in art,” she explains. “I was going to go to grad school for art therapy.” Though her career path has gone in a different direction, this Playmate feels as though it was in the cards to use her figure to create, as well. “I always knew I wanted to be artistic in some way,” she says. And though she had never planned on modeling, she took her shot when it presented itself — but no matter what she’s always creating. “Lately I’ve been creating a lot of abstract art. It’s freeing because it doesn’t have to be perfect. I can just let it all out,” she says with a smile. When she’s not working or expressing, you can usually find Kayla itching to travel, or on her way to some beautiful country. “I would really like to travel to New Zealand,” she gushes. “It looks so beautiful in pictures and I think I could get some amazing photographs. It’s at the top of my list.” Are you enjoying getting to know Playmate, Kayla Garvin? Make sure to check out her stunning spread right here, now on Playboy Plus!


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