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Kelli Peters

Kelli Peters


Lake Havasu City AZ USA


5' 4"

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“I live in a great community,” says blonde-haired Kelli Peters of her hometown, Lake Havasu City, AZ. “Everyone spends the entire summer hanging out there.” The minute she throws on her bikini during the first day of summer, our blue-eyed Cybergirl of the Week for January 12, 2004 will practically live by the lake for the entire season. “I'm into sports, the more extreme the better. I have a boat and I Jet Ski, but wakeboarding is my thing,” says voluptuous Miss Peters who unfortunately loses her bikini top quite a bit during these extreme sports. “It comes off sometimes when I wipe out, and I don't realize it until I get back to the boat. That happens often.” Playboy fans will be flocking to Lake Havasu City to relax and watch a Cybergirl bikini show.