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Kelly Lu



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Meet the friendly and gracious Kelly Lu. Originally from Indianapolis, Indiana, Kelly is a model with big aspirations, and Playboy is just one of them. “The Playboy brand, to me, means you’ve made it as a nude model,” shares Kelly. “It feels unreal to be a part of it, but I’m very excited to see where it takes me.” As for what makes her who she is, it’s her ability to put herself in other people’s shoes. “At first glance, people wouldn’t know how empathetic and giving I am,” she says. “What makes me who I am is my compassion for others.” Kelly first discovered Playboy by watching “The Girls Next Door” with her mom. “We always loved seeing how beautiful all the women were and how extravagant the Playboy mansion was.” And now, she’s here. “It’s been a dream,” says Kelly. “I find [posing nude] very natural! I’ve never thought of the naked body as inherently sexual,” she says, “just inherently beautiful.” Get to know Kelly Lu more right here on Playboy Plus.