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Kendra Cantara

Kendra Cantara


Hartford Connecticut USA


5' 4"

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Kendra Cantara grew up in small-town Connecticut, and even in high school, she was a force to be reckoned with. She knew she’d go on to do big things, no matter what anybody else said. “I was definitely a rebel,” she says, grinning broadly. “I can be stubborn and hot-headed, but I’m a loyal friend, and I love with all my heart.” More recently, Kendra’s been busy with her dental studies, but not content to sit at a desk all day, she does extreme sports to satisfy her need for excitement. “I love anything outdoorsy and adventurous,” she says. “Rock climbing, snowboarding, skydiving, you name it!” For her next trick, Kendra decided she was ready to try out for Playboy Plus, so she contacted us on Facebook, passed her test and booked a shoot in a few weeks flat. Needless to say, the force is strong with this one. “I’ve been modeling for years, and I wanted to do Playboy because it’s the best you can do as a model,” says Kendra. “Playboy has the hottest models, so to even be considered is amazing!”