Kerri Kendall

Kerri Kendall


San Diego CA USA


5' 6"

Playmate of the month

September 1990

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Kerri Kendall marches to the beat of her own drum. Growing up in San Diego, CA, the blonde-haired beauty developed quite a reputation at the tender age of three as the neighborhood streaker. Kerri would run around in the nude as her parents chased her down, clothes in hand. It was that moment that brown-eyed Miss Kendall showed the world she was a free spirit. “I don’t know if I’ll be a movie star or a housewife, but I’ll be happy whatever I choose,” she says. All-natural Kerri started modeling at the age of 15—other girls were busy hitting the mall, and they resented her sophisticated career. “It’s hard to make friends with girls when you look the way I do,” says Kerri. “Women get very competitive around me. The minute they see me, they assume that I’m going to try to steal their boyfriends.” While our Playmate of the Month may seem like the life of the party, she considers herself a loner and says her best friend is her mother. “At parties, I usually end up hanging out with the guys because the girls won’t talk to me. Sometimes I feel like shouting, ‘Don’t be mad me! I’m just talking to ‘em’.” Those boys may be surprised to know that this gorgeous Playmate is a sweet girl who has many guy friends. But don’t think that means Miss September 1990 impresses easily. “Some guys try to impress you by telling you they have this big old house or all these cars,” says feisty Kerri. “When they do that, I just think ‘Well, that does me a lot of good! What do you want? A brownie button?’” Celebrities don’t even phase our independent Playmate. As Miss September 1990, Kerri has an open invitation to the infamous Playboy Mansion and all of their celebrity-filled soirees. During one of her visits, young Kerri saw something stunning—and no, it wasn’t a man. “I went outside and saw the most beautiful bike I'd ever seen—it was midnight purple with leather fringe. I asked ‘whose bike is this?’ And someone said, ‘that's Jimmy's.’ I said ‘Jimmy?’ ‘Jimmy—James Caan.’” Despite her proximity to the spotlight, Kerri cares more about a man’s heart than his car or bank account, and we wouldn’t have her any other way.