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Kerry Lynn

Kerry Lynn


Orlando Florida USA


4' 11"

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The water’s fine with Amateur Kerry Lynn, a bartender from Orlando, Florida. She’s petite – five feet – with honey blonde hair, green eyes and a twin sister. “I’m more rambunctious than she is,” she says. “My mom calls me ‘spitfire’, and I’ve definitely lived up to the name.” Kerry is a busy girl, always on the go – she has class in the morning, boxing and Muay Thai in the afternoon, and at night, she serves at a local bar. “I’m still testing the waters,” she says. When she’s not working, she goes out with her girlfriends. “We always have a good time, no matter what,” she says. When it comes to guys, she likes ‘em tall, dark and handsome – and at five feet, it’s no tall order. “He can’t be shorter than me,” she says, laughing. “And if he has good manners, he’s first in line.” Kerry submitted her photos online, and we invited her to a casting in New York – and to the Playboy Mansion Halloween Party in Los Angeles. “I hold Playboy in the highest esteem,” she says. “I hope they feel the same way about me!” Don’t worry, Kerry – the feeling is mutual.