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The stats on Pete Rose’s sexy girlfriend By Josh Robertson As a professional ballplayer, Pete Rose was known as “Charlie Hustle” for his willingness to give maximum effort on every single play. Rose is baseball’s most famous Man Without a Country—he holds numerous records, notably the high mark for career hits and is clearly one of the greatest players of all time, but he was banned for life from the Hall of Fame because he gambled on baseball. Now he’s hustling something entirely different. Meet Kiana Kim, Pete’s Korean-born girlfriend, who makes her nude modeling debut in 2010’s Playboy’s Sexy 100, and the couple’s stated goal is to score her a pictorial in Playboy magazine. What do you think—will Pete knock this one out of the park? One thing’s for sure—we’re not betting against him. Mainly because he has bet on a lot of things in his life and is probably a much better bettor than us. Playboy: Baseball is phenomenally popular in Korea—do Korean baseball fans know who you are because you’re with an American baseball legend? Kiana: Baseball is very popular in Korea, however it is still a little too early to say that I’ve become known to Korean sports fans. Most Korean people don’t know that I’m dating Pete, nor do they know that I’m in Playboy’s Sexy 100. The magazine only came out recently. If I were to be in the main magazine, however, I think it would be big news in Korea and Asia, and many more people there would know about me. Playboy: Do you understand the controversy over Pete’s gambling? Kiana: It’s a joke! He was suspended in 1989—that’s 21 years ago! It’s time to move on. Playboy: What would you like to tell MLB Commissioner Bud Selig about Pete? Kiana: That everyone deserves a second chance in this country. Pete’s punishment has far outweighed the crime. Playboy: Does Pete follow baseball? Is it painful for him? Kiana: Pete loves baseball and watches all the games. He is a mentor to a lot of today’s players, and they text him for advice and support. He is the best ambassador for baseball. Nobody loves and knows the sport more than Pete Rose. Playboy: Pete endorsed a lot of products in his day—for example, Aqua Velva—what manly brands could he endorse today? Kiana: Pete’s an athlete with bad knees and joints, so Aleve helps him get through the day. He also uses Right Guard deodorant every day. And I think a major shoe major brand, like Nike or Adidas, should put Pete’s name on their shoes. He’s a legend in his sport and he played the game of baseball the way it should be played. Playboy: Who could run the bases faster right now—you or Pete? Kiana: Obviously, I could run the bases faster! Pete has no cartilage in his knees from all the years of playing so hard. Playboy: Congratulations on making our Sexy 100 right out of the gate. What makes you sexy? Kiana: First, I want to say that I am very flattered and honored to be featured in Sexy 100. I may be the only woman in that magazine who hasn’t been published in Playboy before. I think what makes me sexy is my brain. When a woman is intelligent and can express her beauty through her personality as well as her looks, she’s really the whole package—beauty and brains. Playboy: According to MarksFriggin.com, Howard Stern said you have “perfect” nipples. Did he say what was perfect about them? Do you think they’re perfect? Kiana: Howard said I had perfect nipples? Wow! That’s a compliment. Yes my nipples are quite big and perky—our nickname for them is “silver dollars.” Playboy: Are your nipples and breasts your best physical feature, or is it something else? Kiana: II’m happy with my breasts, but they are definitely not my best feature. I would say it’s a toss-up—either my legs, which are extremely muscular, or my big lips. Playboy: You speak the truth—you’ve got a great set of stems and your large, sensuous lips are something to behold. We suggest a three-way tie; legs, lips and chest. Tell us more about your great big boobs, please! What size are they? Kiana: My boobs are 34DD, and it’s very difficult to find a bra that size. I rarely wear a bra! Playboy: Do men have trouble looking you in the eye? Kiana: Men think they have an inconspicuous way of looking at my boobs, but I can always tell when they are. But believe it or not, I don’t have that problem very often. I think they are more likely to be staring at my big lips. Playboy: Do you like looking at naked women? Kiana: I think a woman’s body is extremely attractive, especially the breasts. They are the most prominent difference between the male and female anatomy—they’re what makes a woman a woman. Playboy: Does the sight of a beautiful naked woman turn you on? Kiana: Not really—I still only like men. I’m not into being with a woman sexually. That’s not my thing. I love a man’s man—like Pete. He walks into a room and demands respect from everyone, especially other men. They all turn into little boys when they see him. That turns me on. Playboy: What sort of panties do you wear? Kiana: Only thongs—I think panty lines are tacky. Nor do I like tattoos on women. It takes the femininity away from them. Playboy: In bed, do you tend to be dominant or submissive? Kiana: I’m not the dominant one in bed. I like to be with a true man and let him lead. Playboy: Pete’s 68 and you’re 29—have you always found older men attractive? Kiana: No. A lot of people bring up the difference between Pete’s age and mine. But when I am with him, he acts like he’s my age, or younger. When we’re together, all we do is laugh and have fun! Playboy: Korean families can be a bit conservative—how has your family reacted to your nude modeling? Kiana: Yes, indeed the Korean family and Korean society is very conservative. My parents are a tiny bit more liberal because we have lived in the States for so long. They are very proud of me and are very supportive of my decisions. Playboy: Do you cook Korean food? Does Pete enjoy your kimchi? Kiana: Yes, I can make Korean food. Pete has a sensitive stomach, so he can’t eat something really spicy like kimchi. He loves my kalbi—Korean barbecue short ribs. Playboy: Can you drink Soju? How much? Kiana: Soju, for people who don’t know, is the Korean equivalent of Japanese sake. I can drink it but it gives me a headache—and it gets you drunk way too fast! I prefer a glass of red wine. Playboy: What makes Korean women so sexy? Kiana: I think Korean women are sexy because they are not only beautiful, but also classy and pure.


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