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Kimber Cox

Kimber Cox


Houston Texas USA


5' 4"

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Home is where the heart is with Kimber Cox, a model and real estate agent in training from Houston, Texas. An ebullient blonde with brown eyes, Kimber considers herself, first and foremost, a people person. “I work as a property manager,” she says. “I’m currently studying to get my real estate license. I love to go new places and meet new people, so real estate the perfect career for me.” Kimber is an animal person, too – she’s passionate about animal welfare, and she’s got a full house with four dogs, three of which are rescues. “I took them home, thinking I would find other homes for them,” she says. “Turned out that their home was my home!” Kimber’s got a big heart, and no matter what, she puts her friends and family at the top of her to-do list. “I can’t live without friends and family,” she says. “I love to go out with my girlfriends. We get ready together, get all dressed up and hit the town for drinks and long talks.” When it comes to guys, Kimber knows what she likes when she sees it – or smells it, as the case may be. “I love a man who wears cologne,” she says. “That really gets my attention. But smarts and sense of humor should take it from there.” That said, she’s open to interpretation, and wouldn’t say no to a drink and a phone number at the bar. “My signature drink is a Dos Equis with salt and lime,” she hints. “Not as fancy as a martini, but that’s me. And as far as first kisses go, don’t ask me – if things are going well, just go for it!” Smart, funny and open-minded, sweet and just a little salty, Miss Cox is as sexy as they come – and needless to say, she’s more than welcome here at Playboy.


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