Kimberley Stanfield

Kimberley Stanfield


Vancouver BC Canada


5' 6"

Playmate of the month

July 2001

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With flossy blonde hair and blue eyes, Kimberley Stanfield may look like a sunny Californian, but as a native of Vancouver, Canada, she’s used to a decidedly cooler and rainier climate. “Canadians are cool,” she says, by way of introduction. “Everyone is really polite. I’m turned on by genuinely nice people!” A model since she was in diapers, Kimberley was more familiar with local catalogues than the Centerfold, but her athletic build – owing to high-school cheerleading, basketball, volleyball and soccer – demanded a little more attention. She thought about going to cosmetology school, and even trained as a lifeguard, but ultimately, she was destined for a career with Playboy. “I’m really not into being in the spotlight,” admits Kimberley. “I want to be an elementary school teacher!” That said, our Miss July 2001 learned to love the spotlight – she attended the Grammys that year on Hugh Hefner’s arm, and even had a run-in at the Mansion with a famous musician, who just so happened to be her longtime crush. “The security guard took a picture of us kissing, but when I got it developed, I saw that the guard had put his finger over the lens,” she says ruefully. “I show people the picture, and they say, ‘Whatever, Kimberley!’” Regardless, Kimberley’s kind heart and Canadian sense of responsibility keep her firmly grounded. “I’d be lost without my family,” she admits. “I’m not the type to plan for the long term – I just live day by day!” Sounds good to us.