Kimberly Evenson

Kimberly Evenson


Bremerhaven Bremen Germany


5' 2"

Playmate of the month

September 1984

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Kimberly Evenson loves that she’s considered the petite cute and cuddly girl –it means her ploy to distract her competitors on—and off—the field is working. “I've always been an athlete. I love sports. I like to win, even if it means getting hurt. But, I almost never get hurt. I've got these bones that just seem to bounce when they're supposed to. If I twist an ankle, it just twists right back. I've always been tough,” explains Kimberly. She enjoys using her body—mainly her sweet and innocent looks and her voluptuous figure—to trick her competitors into believing she’s a delicate flower. Unfortunately for them, once they realize how aggressive Miss Evenson truly is, they’ve been knocked down to the ground by the beauty. “I'd play football with the boys and they'd never catch me. In soccer, I'd always be put against the biggest, fattest monster on the field. I didn't care; I'd just go for it. They'd call me an animal!” Our dominate Playmate was born in Bremerhaven, Germany where her army family had been stationed, but they quickly moved to Minnesota and eventually Rockland County, New York when her parents split up. With her single mother preoccupied with work and law school, Kimberly discovered a newfound sense of freedom as a teenager—school would have to wait. “What I didn't like about high school was the fact that you had to be ready for it and you had to be there every day! I'm the kind of person who will just get up and go somewhere, take a plane! If, of course, I'm in a situation where I can do that,” admits Miss September 1984. Kimberly’s sense of adventure led her to the world of modeling and in no time, she went from working as a part-time Door Bunny at The Playboy Club in New York City to attending a Playboy photoshoot in Los Angeles. “I used to be really shy, and I’ve just broken that barrier. Back in Minnesota, forget it—I wouldn’t say anything!” confesses our Miss September 1984. “I like a lot of attention, but I’m not really the jealous type. If there’s another pretty girl around, that’s fine with me. If I can learn something from her, well, that’s even better, in my book.” The prettiest girl around—in our humble opinion—is Kimberly Evenson.