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Kimberly Kisselovich

Kimberly Kisselovich


Los Angeles CA United States


5' 4"

Playboy Muse of the month

June 2013

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Cybergirl Kimberly Kisselovich is Czech and French – Corsican, to be exact – with warm skin, hair and eyes the color of amber and burnt umber. She’s a law student and yoga practitioner in sunny Los Angeles, California, where she moved after stints in England and a dozen other countries. “I grew up a first-generation American in California,” says Kimberly. She was a rebellious punk in a Catholic prep school, but mohawk and black eyeliner notwithstanding, her good grades and National Debate trophies paved her way to university in England. After graduating with honors, she returned to California to pursue a degree in law. “My mind was expanded by the culture and atmosphere in England,” she says. “It led me to travel, which led me to modeling, and I never looked back. My parents taught me that nothing ventured meant nothing gained.” Speaking of gains, Kimberly soon became a Playboy fan favorite, and was named Cybergirl of the Month in June 2013. “I like to have new experiences, meet new challenges – and Playboy is the ideal place to do it,” continues Kimberly. “The energy is high on and off set, and you get to meet all kinds of new people.” She describes her sexuality as unconventional, and she’s interested in men and women, as long as they have nice eyes. “But my biggest turn-on is intelligence,” she says. “A partner should be creative and have a good wit.”