Kimberly McArthur

Kimberly McArthur


Fort Worth Texas USA


5' 2"

Playmate of the month

January 1982

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How could we properly describe our Miss January 1982? She’s spicy Texan with an all-natural DD-cup chest who loves to ramble and get lost in her own train of thought. How exactly would Kimberly McArthur describe herself though? Her answer may take more than a minute to explain. “I love long walks along the beach. Or, for that matter, short walks around the bathtub. What would you like to know about me? I tried out for the Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders. I didn't make it. Why? I didn't kick high enough. The girls who made it had kicks that looked like exclamation points,” says petite Kim as she takes a moment to breathe. “An average day? Well, I wake up in the morning, turn on the TV and exercise along with Richard Simmons, the weight saint. I practice my kick. I play with my cat. We do cart wheels on the carpet. I go to work at a video-game company. I go home. I cook. I fall asleep listening to Barbra Streisand records through the headphones. I listen through only one ear—I try to sing along and match the modulation. One of these days, I'd like to sing like that.” The rambling blonde with bright blue eyes is a man’s Texas dream and if her voluptuous body ever found itself in a Dallas Cowboys cheerleading uniform, Playboy fans would be left jaw dropped. “It was the first time I had ever gone up against the world,” says Kimberly about being a Cowboys cheerleading finalist. “Even if I didn’t win, it gave me a lot of confidence. If it weren’t for that experience, I probably would never have tried out for Playboy. It’s not a question of vanity. I don’t want you to get the idea that, ‘Hey, I’m a Playmate. I don’t touch the ground.’ I’m just testing myself. Guys do it all the time.” Miss McArthur tested her limits in Hollywood recently as well. The babbling beauty starred in an episode of Magnum, P.I. and also starred alongside Rodney Dangerfield in Easy Money, but she’s not done telling us about herself yet. “What would your readers like to know about me? This could get very complicated, you know. How does this sound? ‘Kim likes the simple things in life: mink underwear. Large sapphires,’” says our Miss January 1982. “Are Playmates perfect? I wish. I once ordered dinner in The Palm in Chicago’s Mayfair Regent, then found I couldn’t charge it to my room. I said if they trusted me, I’d make them famous. But, there are moments of perfection. I live for them. Buying fried chicken and eating it under the stars in the middle of a football field. Lying in front of a fire, roasting marshmallows. If you can’t tell, I’m a hopeless romantic.” We couldn’t stop Kimberly McArthur from rambling even if we tried –and we didn’t try very hard because she’s just so gosh darn cute when she does.