Adult Stars

Kira Noir

Kira Noir

Playboy All Star of the month

May 2022

Where's Home?

Nashville! The country music capital of the world!

Hair Goals

What I love most about my body is my hair! It took such a long time to grow it out, and I love meeting other people with ‘locs and connecting over the experience.

Perfect Date

Let’s get dressed up really fancy to go somewhere really cheap.

All Eyes On Me

When do I feel the sexiest? When I’m putting on a good show.

Sex Advice For Everyone

Slow down and ask questions! It isn’t a race, and you aren’t a mind-reader.

Bucket List Activities

I want to travel so much more! I especially want to visit swinger clubs around the world.

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We’re excited to welcome Kira Noir to Playboy Plus as our May 2022 All Star! Originally from Nashville, Tennessee, the famous adult star is now based in Los Angeles, California. While you may know Kira from following her professional and homemade porn, for being a Pornhub ambassador, or for her clever social media videos and selfies on TikTok, Twitter, Instagram, and Onlyfans, you have yet to see her like this. With three nude galleries and full videos dropping this month as our May 2022 feature model, we are thrilled to welcome Kira to the Playboy family. A warm, curious, funny, and intelligent individual, we got to know Kira better while on set. “My name is Kira, and I love being both a voyeur and an exhibitionist,” she says. “What makes me, me? I’ve had ‘locs for 11 years, and I’m proud of my hair’s growth. I [also] love good food, funny people, and cute butts,” she adds with a laugh. Kira entered the industry in 2014 at the age of 20. “What do I love most about my job? I love putting on a good show and meeting other hot girls— otherwise, I would be too shy to talk to them,” she says. “I am genuinely passionate about creating and viewing erotic media. It’s one of the rawest art forms.” Kira shot her All Star sets with the photographers Maddie Córdoba and Madeline Northway. “Something I am most proud of? Being in Playboy Plus. The Playboy brand means prestige and honor. I am so incredibly proud to be a part of it,” smiles Kira. “I honestly can’t remember [when I first discovered Playboy]. I loved my photo shoots, and I’m so excited for everyone to see!” When she’s not working or creating content, Kira loves to stay fit with yoga and pole dancing, design clothing, and cook. “I love making my own clothes and trying new recipes! It’s so fun to make something out of nothing,” she shares. “My special talent? I can smell a dish and accurately guess what spice it needs to make it perfect!” Get to know more about our May 2022 All Star, Kira Noir, all month long, on Playboy Plus!