Kirby Griffin

Kirby Griffin


Americus, Georgia


5' 8"

Playmate of the month

September 2018

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Playmate, Kirby Griffin is down-to-earth. “People can sense my energy,” she says, laughing. “I’m super chill.” Our Miss September 2018 has her southern roots to thank for that. Coming to Playboy Plus from a small town in southern Georgia and now living in Los Angeles, Kirby hasn’t let the big city change her one bit. “I’m just a nice girl,” she tells us. “That’s my mom’s doing. I grew up playing on swings, picking peaches and riding bicycles through the fields.” Now an absolutely stunning and successful model, Kirby was discovered while on spring break in Miami’s South Beach and just a short while later, she was featured in Sports Illustrated. Whether it’s modeling or other interests, Kirby is a passionate person. In fact, when she’s not modeling, she’s either working in real estate, DJing or acting. “When I get into something, I get into it,” she laughs. “I’m very passionate. It’s a Scorpio trait — if you believe in that sort of thing.” When it comes to what truly makes Kirby, Kirby, it’s her positive and light-hearted view on the world. “I’m a happy girl and a people person,” she says. This mindset even translates into who she dates. “I’m single,” she says. “The three things I look for in a guy are a good heart, a sense of adventure and the desire to enjoy life and not take it too seriously. We’re only here for a little bit, so a nice mixture of work and play is perfect for me," she says thoughtfully. If you're loving everything about Kirby so far, make sure to check out her stunning spread, right here on Playboy Plus!