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Kristin Novak

Kristin Novak


Los Angeles CA USA


5' 4"

Playboy Muse of the month

November 2003

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Wild child Kristin Novak couldn’t believe she was chosen to be Cybergirl of the Month for November 2003. “All I know is I screamed when I found out I was the girl for November,” says blonde-haired Kristin. “I was so excited.” Nothing makes Miss Novak’s blue eyes light up with excitement more than when she finds herself in the presence of a man who knows himself. “I like a man with so much confidence he is considered cocky!” says Kristin. “I also like it when I'm treated like a princess. All women like chivalry.” To Miss Novak, chivalry means being a polite gentleman who gets along with the most important people in her life –her family. Kristin’s family has spent years traveling to amusement parks and any man she brings home must be fan of rollercoasters to fit in. “My parents were big roller coaster enthusiasts. Instead of going on normal family vacations to the beach, we would go in search of the best coasters!” she says. “I’ve been on almost every coaster in the US.” Any man would be a fool to not join Kristin Novak on that wild ride.