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Kyara Tyler

Kyara Tyler


Los Angeles California USA


5' 6"

Playboy Muse of the month

August 2013

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Cybergirl Kyara Tyler is a blond-haired, blue-eyed babe from Los Angeles, California, where she’s in training to become a licensed helicopter pilot. Kyara modeled on and off for a few years before making the move to Playboy. “It’s been a blur,” she admits. “I’ve done Playboy events, Radio and Live stuff. It’s always fun with Playboy – it’s such a well-known brand, and I’m happy to be a part of it.” She’s getting a lot of attention – she was Cybergirl of the Month in August 2013 – but she’s down to earth, and it hasn’t gone to her head. “I’m not a high-maintenance girl,” she says. “I got here with a lot of hard work and humility”. Speaking of hard work, Kyara is a fitness nut, and most days you can find her working out at the gym. “I’m small, but I’m strong,” she boasts. “My strength and flexibility are my best assets.” She plays hard, too – she’s got a sense of humor, and loves to goof off with her friends. “As for what I look for in a guy,” Kyara says, “I’d love an athlete. But at any rate, if he’s open, genuine and kind, then I’m in his back pocket.” She’s a single girl in La-La Land, and that’s just how she likes it. “My life is a mystery,” she says, a little sardonically, “because there are no witnesses.” Her tongue may be in cheek, but our tongues are definitely wagging.