Kym Malin

Kym Malin


Dallas Texas USA


5' 4"

Playmate of the month

May 1982

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Our Miss May 1982 may seem like she has life figured out at such a young age, but Kym Malin had to face adversity many times over to acquire her wisdom. Before the all-natural model began entering local modeling contests in Texas, Kym was simply the daughter of tough parents who didn’t want her to explore her surroundings. “I was brought up in a strict Dallas family, but I did about what I wanted to do,” says the blue-eyed blonde. Deep in the heart of Texas, ‘car dating’ is when teenagers will going out, spending most of their date in a car without any chaperones to make sure their hands are in plain sight at all times. Kym wasn’t supposed to car date until she was 16, but that was a rule she couldn’t abide by. “I'd climb out my window,” explains our Playmate of the Month. “Then the window was screwed shut. I got a screwdriver and undid the screws. Then my parents cemented the window, so I climbed out the bathroom window.” Kym’s free spirit couldn’t be deterred—she was a teenager hell-bent on having fun and no strict parents of hers were going to stand in the way. However, just as she became creative with her daring escapes, her parents became equally creative with their punishments. “When I was 15, my mother went to a group called the P.D.A.P.—the Palmer Drug Abuse Program,” recalls Kym who says the worst thing she did to end up there was smoke a very little amount of marijuana, have the occasional beer and she would sometimes go dancing. “They told Mom that I was wild because of ‘mind-changing chemicals.’ ‘If we can just get her off the beer or pot or whatever,’ they said, ‘she'll be fine.’ My mother put me in the program. There were ten guys to every girl. They had a rule—if you talked to the opposite sex more than to your own, you had a problem. Of course, they told me I had the biggest problem they'd ever seen.” Kym endured days of seminars where the center would have speakers discuss their histories of drug use and constantly punish her for being social with boys. For a teenage girl who knew she didn’t belong there, she admits she was frightened and began to plan her exit strategy. “The only door that wasn't locked was a fire exit. I took all my stuff and ran out through it. The alarm went off. I jumped into my friend’s truck and took off,” recalls our Miss May 1982. Kym has come a long way since that day. She has taken home top prize in several modeling contests including The Most Perfect Body in Texas contest—and it was the judges of said competition who recognized her Playboy potential and sent in her photos. Our voluptuous Playmate does hope to transition from modeling into acting—landing roles in Weird Science, Die Hard and Road House, has made Kym happier than she’s ever been. As for her feelings to towards her days at the PDAP center, she says she carries no resentment. “When bad things happen, I just keep my mind straight and think, I know what I want and I’m going after it,” says Kym. Kym Malin is truly an inspiration.