Kymberly Herrin

Kymberly Herrin


Santa Barbara County CA USA


5' 8"

Playmate of the month

March 1981

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Santa Barbara County is filled with tall, blondes with sun-kissed skin and luscious bodies. Kymberly Herrin is one of these statuesque beauties, but her drive and musical talent make her stand out in a sea of blondes. Kymberly plays the flute and draws inspiration for her park concerts by the Californians who cross her path. “I'd sit there, where I could watch the sun set on the Pacific, and aim my flute down the tunnel. People walked by, different couples, and I'd play music to fit them. If it was an older man and woman, maybe in their 50s, I'd play something like Moon River. When a young couple passed, or maybe a girl walking alone, I'd play something contemporary like The Girl from Ipanema,” explains Kymberly as her blue eyes light up with inspiration. “I like to be alone with my flute. People who play music are never really alone.” Loneliness was never a feeling Kymberly felt in her packed childhood home between her mother, older brother and two older sister, plus a slew of family pets. She was, however, a shy little girl who matured into our stunning and opinionated Miss March 1981 within a season. “It all happened during one summer when I was in high school. My mother was away for two months, flying her airplane in various races like the Powder Puff Derby, and in that two months, I gained 20 pounds in the right places,” recalls our naturally busty Playmate. “The day she came home, I was sitting on the front porch, and she got out of her car, came over and said, 'Kym?' She barely recognized me. When I was a scrawny little nothing, I could stay out past 11. Suddenly, I had a ten o'clock curfew.” Even Mom couldn’t keep Kymberly’s body a secret for long. During Kym’s shy days, she never dreamed of becoming a Playmate, but now that she’s tasted Playboy fame, she’s hooked. “When I was a little girl, maybe ten years old, I saw my first Playboy. Back then, I had no fantasies about being a Playmate, because my first thought was, ‘Geez, these women are really old; they must be as old as my mother. Then, when I started blooming, I looked at the Playmates differently. I thought, ‘Wow, these are beautiful women!’” explains Kymberly. This beautiful woman is now on the road to success. Kym and her voluptuous figure were featured front and center in movies like Romancing the Stone, Ghostbusters and even in ZZ Top’s music video for their song Legs. We cannot wait to see where Kymberly Herrin’s career will take her.


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