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Laura Christie

Laura Christie


Toronto Ontario Canada


5' 8"

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Amateur Laura Christie is a rare specimen. Tall and gamine, with full lips and eyes like smoky quartz, she’s all natural, and a natural choice for Playboy Plus. In public, she’s an anchor on Naked News, a pay-per-view adult newscast – and in private, she’s a student and single girl in Toronto, the biggest city in Canada. “You can’t take life too seriously,” she says. “Toronto is a fun city to live in. I love the CN Tower – there's a revolving restaurant and a glass floor at the top. You can stand on it and look at the ground below.” Laura just loves a night on the town – a burger and a few beers with the guys, and at the end of the night, a big piece of chocolate cake with the girls. “The bars and restaurants here are great,” says Laura. “And I can eat whatever I want, 'cause I never gain weight.” So how did Laura become a Playboy model? “A friend of mine had a collection of Playboy magazines – like, every issue – and I would look through them and admire the girls.” When we hosted a casting call in Toronto, Laura was first in line. “People told me that I would never be in Playboy, and here I am,” she says proudly. “Posing nude makes me feel powerful – I’m not shy in front of the camera.” She most certainly isn't.