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Laura Nicole

Laura Nicole


Los Angeles CA USA


5' 4"

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Laura Nicole loves to party but she isn’t the typical Los Angeles party girl. “I don’t drink, but I do love going out with my friends and having a good time,” says blue-eyed Laura. “I wakeboard, water ski, play tennis and, of course, organize!” Laura Nicole loves to keep active which comes in handy with her retro pastime. The blonde-haired beauty is known to bust out the old school roller skates and show everyone around who the real dancing queen is. Los Angeles is where Laura lives but she calls the roller rink home. Show Laura a limbo stick and the blue-eyed beauty will even add extreme flexibility while on skates to win any limbo competition. To see Laura do the split on skates with only twelve inches of space, search “roller skate limbo queen” on YouTube. But to see Laura at her finest as our Cybergirl of the Week for March 21, 2011, check out her pictorial.


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