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Lauren Elizabeth

Lauren Elizabeth


Philadelphia PA USA


5' 4"

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At our New York casting call in 2009, we met Lauren Elizabeth and were captivated by her moss-green eyes and all-natural figure. Working for Playboy has always been on Lauren’s list of ambitions, but she didn’t plan on posing for our cameras—the broadcasting major wants to be behind the microphone. “Hopefully I’ll get hired at Playboy Radio so I can be surrounded with people as sexy as myself!” says the brunette from Temple University. While she does have a sultry voice, keeping a body like hers away from the camera is a crying shame, so we just had to convince her to model for us. Once she stepped on set, Lauren felt comfortable and began to tell us about her crazy nights in her hometown. “Things get pretty wild in Philly,” says our Coed of the Week for February 18, 2010. “Spring Fling is nuts. I woke up in someone else’s bed last year!” Sounds like a dream come true for the owner of said bed.


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