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Lauren Love

Lauren Love


Columbus Ohio USA


5' 4"

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Beauty, thy name is Lauren Love. A bartender originally from Ohio, this all-natural babe serves up drinks in downtown Los Angeles with a heaping side of small-town charm. “My eyes tend to hypnotize people,” she says, as though every person she meets is transfixed by those baby blues. “I grew up in Ohio, and there wasn’t much to do besides going to the mall and tipping cows. Now that I live in LA, I go out a lot more often.” New to the Hollywood scene, Lauren is still getting her footing and is open to any and all new experiences. “I’m still on country time,” she says a little sheepishly. “If you want me to be somewhere at 7, tell me we’re meeting at six.” Not one to sit around and wait, Lauren submitted her photos to our casting director, who called her in for a test. Needless to say, we signed her on the spot. “I want Playboy Plus to be my stepping stone,” she says. “I just love being in front of the camera, and I’m ready to get my name out there!”


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