Lee Ann Michelle

Lee Ann Michelle


Surrey England England


5' 4"

Playmate of the month

February 1979

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Our Miss February 1979 describes herself as a classic romantic who enjoys spending quiet nights at home. “I love to take nice long baths with lots and lots of bubbles,” says Lee Ann Michelle in her smooth English accent. “When I get out of the tub, I always feel so silky and tingly all over.” Growing up in Surrey, England, the all-natural Playmate could never walk two blocks without attracting attention. Her charm, her subtle innocence and her inquisitive nature draws in the masses, however, it isn’t always the type of attention she wants. “It's a funny thing, but when people first meet me, they have this incredible urge to educate me,” says our confused Miss February 1979. “I don't know why, I don't look innocent.” She may not think so, but to Playboy fans, Lee Ann is the right amount of sexy, innocent and charming. Playboy first discovered the busty brunette when she became a Page 3 girl for London’s newspaper, The Sun. “I went naïvely looking about for a job,” explains Lee Ann who had left school two years earlier. “But, no one would hire me, because they said I didn't have any experience. So, I took to modeling. Since I looked older than my age at the time, I became a page-three girl for the London papers.” It was the right decision to make at time, according to our all-natural Playmate, but not everyone in her life thought so. “When I was a page-three girl I used to get lots of silly phone calls. Men would call up and ask me what color knickers I had on. Silly things like that,” recalls Lee Ann. “None of my girlfriends at school would talk to me. They thought it was disgusting, but all my grandmother's friends thought it was wonderful. Odd, isn't it?” What we found truly odd was that someone as beautiful and as endearing as Lee Ann still hasn’t found her Prince Charming. “What sort of men attract me? Men with strong hands, men with small, tight bums. I always look at a man’s eyes to see what he’s really saying. Oh, and I love a nice pair of legs on a man, too,” laughs our Miss February 1979. “I look as much on the inside of a man as I do on the outside, unless I am overwhelmed by a man’s sex appeal, and then I don’t care. I’m not frequently overwhelmed by a man’s sex appeal, though.” Playboy fans are clearly overwhelmed by the sex appeal of Lee Ann Michelle who today is the head of London’s Needhams Models agency.