Leisa Sheridan

Leisa Sheridan


Omaha NE USA


5' 6"

Playmate of the month

July 1993

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If you ask Leisa Sheridan, Hollywood is for the birds. Tall and blonde, with strong cheekbones, Leisa was raised in Nebraska and seasoned in California, where she makes her home in the San Fernando Valley. Actually, it’s more like a zoo – Leisa cares for many animals, including a dog, a cat and a large Moluccan cockatoo. “I bottle-fed him when he was a baby,” she says of the bird. “I love exotic animals.” Miss Sheridan is quite the specimen herself – with her curly hair and full, soft lips, we knew she’d make the perfect Miss July 1993. “Being an amateur, I was a little intimidated,” she admits. “I don’t have a problem with nudity, but at the beginning I sat there thinking, The crew should be naked, too!” Nevertheless, Leisa was posing like a pro in no time – shooting on a fashionable street corner in Hollywood, she fielded offers of dates and movie roles from just about every man who passed her. “People in L.A. are so full of it,” she giggles. “They flatter you and tell you all the things they’re going to do for you. I do a lot of listening until I know what someone’s about.” As for herself, Leisa’s all about the good life – and not in the sense of the hollow, Hollywood success story. Elvis Presley, spicy Mexican food and travel are a few of her favorite things. “I live in a place with lots of trees, families and kids,” she says happily. “When I walk out my front door, I see life – healthy, natural life – all around me.” As for late-night dinners and nightclubs, Leisa doesn’t have time for those. “I’d rather go to the beach with a man I love,” she says. “Where I’m going is almost always a tropical beach. All I need is an hour’s notice – I’ll grab my bikini. You bring the suntan oil.”