Playboy Muses

Lena Li

Lena Li


Hermosa Beach CA USA


5' 6"

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When Lena Li was a little girl in Taiwan, she never thought she’d grow up to be a model living in California. But, Lena’s life did take that successful turn. When we met the Asian model, we were struck by her look. Lena has extremely long, dark hair that reaches her calves and an impressive figure which includes her voluptuous DD-bust. Showing off her body as our Cybergirl of the Week for February 25, 2002 didn’t come as a surprise to Lena’s friends. Our CGOW has a reputation of always doing anything that comes to her mind –no matter how hot and risky it may seem to some. “All my friends crack up when we’re at a restaurant. I order the spiciest food and still add tons of chili peppers,” admits Lena. Just when you thought she couldn’t get any hotter.


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