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Leslie Smith

Leslie Smith


Houston TX United States


5' 6"

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Coming to Playboy from the Lone Star State is Houston’s Leslie Smith. Our Coed of the Month for May 2010 is a gorgeous blonde with piercing blue eyes –and when she tells men her major, most just gasp. The all-natural beauty is studying pre-med at Lone Star College and has high hopes for a career as a doctor. “That beautiful girls can be smart, too,” says Miss Smith. Although she may be focused on a medical career, that doesn’t mean this coed is all work and no play. “I’ve experienced a lot of partying in college. Parties that sometimes get busted by the police and you have to just run,” giggles Leslie. “I also went to a club once and had shot after shot of Patron. Waking up the next morning, I couldn’t remember half the night.” Having an active social life doesn’t leave much time for studying, so if Leslie needed to guarantee herself a perfect grade on an exam she was ill-prepared for, she has a backup plan. “I would go far to get an A, especially if the teacher was hot,” smiles Miss Smith. She definitely gets an A+ from us.