Lieko English

Lieko English


Okinawa Japan


5' 4"

Playmate of the month

June 1971

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Meet Lieko English, a redhead from Okinawa, Japan whose exotic beauty has been receiving recognition worldwide. “I represented Okinawa in the Miss Universe Contest in 1965,” states Lieko, pronounced Le-a-ko, who flew to Miami Beach for the pageant. “I enjoyed meeting all the other girls, but I didn't like being watched all the time. An official was with me constantly.” While pageants may not be for the busty redhead, modeling is and after winning the Miss Okinwana, opportunities in her field of choice were far too limited in Japan. Lieko moved to America, hoping her all-natural, exotic beauty would make her household name, especially after seeing firsthand how diverse Miami was during the contest. Coming from a Japanese-American family with British ancestry and red hair to top it all off, the East-meets-West model knew she had a look that many magazines and fashion designers would love. “Currently, I'm a Bunny at the Playboy Club in Atlanta,” happily states our first Japanese-born Playmate of the Month. “My ambition is to model. I'd also like to try and enjoy every minute of life, because it's short and there are so many things I'd like to do.” Even though she loved living in the United States, she couldn’t deny she was painfully homesick and missed life back home in Japan. After a year of living in Atlanta, she packed her bags went on an indefinite trip back home where she could be herself again. “I loved speaking my native Japanese again, because I have to think about each word I say in English,” explains the Asian beauty. “Every time I ask for squid in Atlanta, people think I’m kidding.” Lieko was ecstatic to see her family and her best friend, Etsuko Okuhira, a former Miss Okinawa like her who shares her passion for shopping and authentic Japanese cuisine. “My friends say I'm optimistic, honest —sometimes too much so—very independent, and social,” admits the Japanese-American model who hopes to find herself a man who loves her homeland as much as she does. “My ideal man is 26, airline pilot—so we could travel—strong, good personality, honest, likes to dance, always trying something new, and loves children.” While Japanese men have had an advantage in the fight for Lieko’s affection, she says that American fellas shouldn’t fret—she plans to come back to the States at some point, giving them the plenty of opportunities to become her Prince Charming. “My ideal evening would include a seafood dinner, then dancing until 2am, then a walk along the beach, then home and listen to soft music while having some wine. Whew!” says a flustered Miss English. “A man should know my weak spot is I can be very stubborn. Sometimes I don't listen when I should.” We see absolutely nothing wrong with the exotic and beautiful Lieko English.