Lillian Müller

Lillian Müller


Grimstad Norway


5' 8"

Playmate of the month

August 1975

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Lillian Müller grew up in Kristiansand and Grimstad, Norway with ambition that knew no bounds. She enrolled in college and studied languages to appease her ship engineer father, but the tall blonde wasn’t happy. She knew her life needed excitement, entertainment and adventure. Lillian began modeling around Europe where she landed on the London’s Sun infamous Page Three as a Page Three Girl. That was when the busty Scandinavian beauty met model and photographer Suze Randall who photgraphed her and took them to Playboy’s London-based Vice-President, Victor Lownes. Instantly, Lillian was asked to be our Miss August 1975 and flew to Hollywood for her first Playmate photoshoot. “I grew up in a small Norwegian village, where there was no such thing as a life of glamor,” explains Lillian. “Now, in Hollywood, I find so many people who are beautiful, erotic, and sensuous. They have style. They dress up to make undressing that much more fun. Even everyday gestures are sexy. It’s good to celebrate life.” The celebration didn’t end once her reign as our Miss August 1975 came to an end. Lillian was back in Norway when she received a phone call that changed her life—she was made our Playmate of the Year. “I want to be successful and look after my family. I love them a lot. I am the lucky one. I've also always wanted to be a film star. The glamour excites me and I'd love to have my name in lights,” says our Miss 1976. “Being Playmate, and now Playmate of the Year, has been a catalyst in my life. I’ve been exposed to so many fine people; Hef shows two or three films a week and half of Hollywood attends the screenings. I can find out how the movies were made. I can also arrange private showings, which are a big help. I guess I’m a lot like everyone else; the first time I see a film I watch the action, the second time, the acting.” With a passion for movies, Lillian decided to take her newfound Playmate of the Year stardom and try her hand at acting. Landing roles on television shows like Fantasy Island, Remington Steele, Magnum, P.I. and Starsky and Hutch, the Scandinavian stunner was eventually offered movie roles in German flicks like Rosemary’s Daughter. “I am afraid of being typecast as a sex kitten by American directors. I have been blessed with a beautiful body, but that’s not enough,” confesses our Miss 1976 who starred in Van Halen’s Hot for Teacher video and in Rod Stewart’s music video for Do Ya Think I’m Sexy?. “In Europe, an actress is valued for her ability to express a wide range of emotions. My favorite actresses—Sophia Loren, Liv Ullmann—are beautiful, not because they are pretty, but because they are human. Some directors tend to use actresses as set decoration. I don’t object to taking my clothes off in front of a camera, but it seems to me a waste of film if that’s all I am allowed to do. If they want me to be sexy, there are better ways to be sexy.” Lillian has been using her Playmate of the Year status—and her sexy, all-natural body—for the greater good. As Playboy’s most featured PMOY, with nine covers under her belt, Lillian has been traveling the world as an inspirational speaker preaching about health and fitness through a vegan lifestyle. Looking very much as she did back in 1975, Lillian has gone from our Miss 1976 to motivational health speaker to recently dancing on Norway’s version of Dancing with the Stars. Playboy fans will be pleased to know that Lillian Müller’s ambitious spirit is still as fiery as ever.