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Lilly Bell
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“I’m not just a pretty face; I’m a whole story,” says adult star, model, and content creator Lilly Bell. Chances are, you are already acquainted with Lilly’s work— she’s a multi-award-winning adult performer who loves what she does. “I have a lot of drive to be the best performer I can be,” shares Lilly. “I always want more, and I’m not comfortable with resting on my past successes.” What she loves most about it? “I grew up a theater kid, so I love doing feature films,” smiles Lilly. “I get to show off my acting skills and now include my sexual prowess.” As for who she is off-screen, Lilly’s an upbeat person who seeks deep connection. “I’m bubbly and energetic, and I love new experiences, fun, and excitement,” she says. “I’m never a surface person in conversations— I always like to go deep.” We met Lilly through mutual friends in the industry and knew she’d be a great fit to shoot with Madeline Northway. “Playboy is a household name, so I grew up knowing it. I’ve always been a fan of the brand. I remember getting a Playboy shirt in Vegas a long time ago at the Playboy store— to this day, I still have it, and now when I wear it, it’s extra special,” shares Lilly. “ It’s such a blessing to shoot for Playboy. It’s been a goal of mine on my career list, so I’m so glad I got to check it off!” Get to know more about Lilly Bell and see her artistic sets here on Playboy Plus!


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