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Lily Lilac

Lily Lilac


Los Angeles, CA

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​​Welcome Lily Lilac, a model and artist from Los Angeles, California, to Playboy Plus. “Honestly, it’s one of the best places to live, in my opinion,” says Lily, “What I love most about my hometown is the great opportunities that you can have, cool people, and the variety of places and things to do!” Creative, driven, and carefree are a few ways we’d describe Lily. “What makes me ‘me?’ I am pretty chill,” she says of herself. “Once you get to know me, I’m super sweet. I love cracking jokes and try not to take everything so seriously.” Lily first discovered Playboy as a girl while watching “Girls Next Door.” “I used to watch it secretly,” she laughs. “Then, as I got older, I looked more into the brand and loved everything about it. I started collecting vintage Playboy magazines and always wanted to model someday.” Now that one of her goals has become a reality, Lily is thrilled to be here, and we’re just as happy to have her. “I am happy to have had the opportunity,” she says thoughtfully. “I love posing nude. The brand, to me, is historical and means being able to express yourself and enjoy your body. It feels amazing to be a part of it!” For Lily, staying true to her art and process is very important. “I have a few passions, really,” she says. “My main focus right now is modeling, acting, and creating more artwork. I love to paint.” Get to know Lily better through her pictorials, right here on Playboy Plus.