Lily Rae

Lily Rae


Auckland New Zealand


5' 4"

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There are rays of sunshine, and then there’s Lily Rae. With thick black hair and brown eyes, New Zealander Lily works as a model and makeup artist in Los Angeles, though her cheery, sunny disposition wins her fans and admirers everywhere she goes. “I’m a very spontaneous, free-spirited person,” she says. “I never know where I’ll be next, or what I’ll be doing – but I think that just adds to my aura of mystery!” Growing up in Auckland, New Zealand, Lily spent her time at the beach, swimming and sunning with her friends. “Us Kiwis have a saying, ‘She’ll be all right’ – that means not to worry, that everything will work out in the end,” she says. “That pretty much sums up my attitude!” With that credo in mind, Lily submitted her photos to Playboy, and before she knew it, she was on a plane to Bali, Indonesia, on her way to her very own Playboy shoot. With her first spread under her belt, Lily is excited to be a new member of the Playboy family, and recently made her very first trip to the Playboy Mansion. “To me, Playboy is such an amazing brand,” she says. “I’m a member of an exclusive club – not every girl gets to be a Playboy model!”