Lina Jade

Lina Jade
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“To me, Playboy means to break free out of the stigma of nudity,” shares Lina Jade, a model and photographer from Argentina. “It means taking control of your life—being a part of Playboy is a dream come true and a memory I will never forget!” Now based in Los Angeles, California, Lina shares that she loves art in all forms. “My passion? Anything art related! I love being in front of the camera as much as I love being behind it. Developing a concept and bringing a vision to life is a very rewarding feeling to me.” What makes her who she is? “I’m a Taurus, Gemini-rising, and Capricorn-moon,” Lina elaborates further: “I’m a caring, relaxed, down-to-earth person with a splash of anxiety. I love staying in the comfort of my home with my fur babies, but I also love being outdoors, camping, hiking, or even going on simple walks around the neighborhood!” Lina loves to indulge in culture, art, and healthy habits when not working. “In my spare time, I like to spend quality time with friends, go to the beach, or visit museums,” she says. “Painting is my hobby— in the last couple of years, I’ve been getting into acrylic pouring. I usually like to be in control, but when it comes to this technique, the paint will do what it wants, and it’s very releasing! I have also been getting more into yoga!” Learn all about Lina Jade right here on Playboy Plus!