Linda Summers

Linda Summers


San Diego CA USA


5' 1"

Playmate of the month

August 1972

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Linda Summers has a perfect petite, all-natural figure and doesn’t credit it to dieting or working out excessively at the gym. Growing up in La Mesa, a small-town around San Diego, with extremely health-conscious parents has made being healthy a lifestyle for our Miss August 1972. “My father is a dentist and my mother is a hygienist. They taught me about good nutrition and kept the doctors' bills low,” says the busty brunette. “My stepfather owns a chain of health food stores, and he'd like to move the family to a ranch where we could grow our own organic foods.” When we first met Linda, she was working in one of her stepfather’s shops explaining to a customer why organic beef is the way to go. “It's not raised with hormones like stilbestrol,” pointed out Linda to the client. “Which is used to fatten up beef for economic reasons and is really a bummer. It throws your body chemistry out of whack and it's known to cause cancer.” Our Playmate of the Month’s health knowledge isn’t limited to meat and alternatives—unpasteurized, unhomogenized and raw milk, soyameat and teas like bladder wrack, buchu leaves and kelp powder are all items this lovely lady has extensive information on. “The Indians used to use some of these teas as remedies,” she adds. “They're supposed to cure colds and relieve arthritic pain; and some teas are natural sedatives.” While our Miss August 1972 admits she wasn’t raised in a household that believed strongly in the healing powers of tea, her parents did make her consume other items to boost her immune system. “I was raised on raw liver. Really. Because when you cook anything, you change its chemical composition, and my parents wanted me to have lots of iron,” explains Linda who adds she isn’t a fan of having to kill the animals from her family’s ranch. “We have killed them, but I’ve never approved of it.” Being raised on a two-acre property that included fields of avocado, orange, limes, strawberries and watercress, it was only natural to assume that health would be vital to her life and her love life. Our Miss August 1972 would never accept a date from someone who ate fast food, drank alcohol or coffee or worse, a smoker. “They kill the vitamins in your body and neutralize your power to rebuild tissue,” points out a disgusted Linda. “My ideal man is fairly conservative, decisive, flexible, exciting, optimistic, a bit moody, aggressive, career-minded yet home-loving, tender and affectionate, and wears the pants.” While she insists her dream date does not have to include extensive debates on why whole-wheat bread is better for the human body and trading organic recipes, Linda does need it to include wine, but only her stepfather’s homemade wine will do. “It’s made with organic ingredients and less sugar,” she says. “A great date for me would be a ski resort lodge with lots of winter atmosphere, listening to good music and warm conversation, drinks and a terribly exciting man.” Fellas, stock up on your organic produce and get a ski pass if you want to land on a date with our all-natural snow-bunny, Linda Summers.