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Lindsay Love

Lindsay Love


Ojai CA United states


5' 8"

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Lindsay love is much more than an Amateur – she’s a consummate professional. Born and raised in Ojai, California, she’s a classic blonde, with blue eyes, long legs and an hourglass figure. She’s a grad student studying Clinical Psychology and works as a counselor and bartender – and, of course, as a model. “I’m blonde, so people assume that I’m an airhead,” says Lindsay. “But I’m very highly educated. I’m working toward my doctorate. I’ve got beauty and brains.” “I grew up on a farm in Ojai, California, where I went to the only public high school,” says Lindsay. “I started modeling young. Mostly print, some runway. My first job was in Teen Magazine.” At the time, Lindsay was a long way from a Master’s in Clinical Psychology. “When I was barely eighteen, I moved to Los Angeles to study fashion design,” she explains. “I hit a rough patch, but with the support of my family and friends, I moved back to Ojai and continued my education. I have been to three colleges and have a wealth of knowledge.” She played sports in high school, so it’s no surprise that Lindsay is an accomplished athlete. “I compete in marathons and triathlons,” she says. “In 2011 I ran the Boston Marathon, and I did my first half Iron Man. I placed eighth overall – in endurance athletics, that’s phenomenal.” When she’s not studying or training, she’s chilling out with the guys. “We go to a sports bar for a beer and a UFC game, or they spot me on the machines at the gym.” She’s also into good food, fine wine and live music. With brains like hers – and an advanced degree within reach – why would Lindsay want to pose nude for Playboy? “Some of my friends had been Playmates,” she says. “They always told me I had what it takes to be a bunny. I have the brains and the beauty, and Playboy is the perfect opportunity for me to meet new people and show them just how amazing I am. I’m confident that I’ll go far with Playboy.” Lindsay talks brains, beauty and booty in her Facetime interview.