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Lindsey Alvarez

Lindsey Alvarez


Orange County CA United States


5' 1"

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Lindsey Alvarez is an independent woman who doesn’t have time for any games or horrible pickup lines. The voluptuous brunette says she wants a man with a good head on his shoulders and not some guy who considers hooking up a goal. “So many campus guys want to see how much they can score instead of just hanging out and having fun. If they didn’t push, they’d get a lot more,” explains the all-natural real estate development and management major. “I don’t have a MySpace page or a Facebook page. I’ve always been against them. I think it’s so cheesy when a guy asks ‘do you have a MySpace?’” Every bar, unfortunately, has many of these cheesy guys, but the petite Fullerton College student hopes that when she opens up her own bar that her male clientele will be made up of her preferred manly men instead. “I’d like to redevelop a piece of commercial real estate into a saloon-style place with a contemporary, sexy flair. Good food and hot bartenders. Maybe even a lingerie establishment,” says our Coed of the Month for May 2009. We’ll definitely be there opening night.