Lisa Sohm

Lisa Sohm


Vancouver WA USA


5' 8"

Playmate of the month

April 1977

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Playmate Lisa Sohm is an ambitious brunette from Vancouver, WA who decided at a young age that she would do anything to make her modeling dreams come true. Idealizing a true champion in the modeling world, Lauren Hutton, it’s clear that Lisa isn’t going to leave this earth until her name has been on every high fashion casting director’s mind. “It's exhilarating to be in New York,” says the tall brunette of her new hometown. “Why? Because it's the most exciting place in the world. You can feel it in the air, in the pace, in the people. It is New York, you know?” Lisa, an all-natural beauty with a C-cup bust, has acted in commercials and some minor gigs around the country, but she wasn’t disappointed by how slowly her career had been moving. Good things come to those who wait and our Miss April 1977 had nothing, but time, hope and ambition on her side. “I’ve wanted to be a Playmate for a couple of years,” says our busty Playmate of the Month. “I adore this kind of modeling because I feel good about my body.” Lisa is proud of her all-natural body and doesn’t feel clothes do right by her curves. Therefore, when she’s home, clothing is reserved for when company is over –well, sometimes it is. “I’m always running around the house nude and I love to make love in unusual places, mostly outdoors. If it happens, it just happens. You know?” admits our Miss April 1977. “Something I read somewhere really says what I truly feel about love and sex: ‘Trying to bring pleasure to someone because of the pleasure you feel in that person’s pleasure is perhaps the most beautiful demonstration of love.’” The best way we could have demonstrated of our love for Lisa was by crowning her our Miss April 1977, but she admits Playboy fans are the only ones showing her some love at the moment. Since achieving a career in the high fashion industry is her primary focus, Lisa hasn’t been making much time for a love life. “My career comes first. I'm independent and want to stay that way for a while,” explains our beautiful Playmate. “Sooner or later, I'll need a close relationship with a man who's ambitious, someone I can depend on and share things with. If the right man comes along—fine. But, I'm not actively searching for one at present.” No need to search, Lisa, men will line up to be your Prince Charming.