Lisa Welch

Lisa Welch


Aberdeen MD USA


5' 6"

Playmate of the month

September 1980

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For most little girls who grow up on military bases around the globe, the ability to call one place home is a luxury they dream of. Lisa Welch was one of these Army brats who wished with all her might that the day would come where she wouldn’t need to move, where she could make friends and keep them close. “Up until I was ten, we didn't live anyplace for more than three years. Half the time, we lived on Army bases. I sort of liked it then, though—always going someplace new, meeting new people,” explains Lisa who refused to follow her parents to yet another city when she was old enough to live on her own. “It's hard for me to think of anyplace as home. So, when people ask me where I'm from, I usually just tell them I'm an Army brat. San Francisco is about the closest I have come to having a real home.” The all-natural brunette has lived in Maryland, Germany, Alaska, Hawaii, but it was San Francisco who claimed her young heart. She finished high school early on the West Coast and bounced around from job to job until she decided to replace her studies in fashion retail with modeling for the fashion industry. She was exactly what casting agents wanted—all-natural, busty, blue eyes and long, dark hair. The only problem was Lisa is incredibly shy and reserved, but she found a sexy yet unorthodox way to overcome it—posing for Playboy. “This is my first experience as a nude model, but, I find it to be easier than fashion modeling. In fact, I even find it more comfortable in many ways than fashion modeling. You don’t have to worry about clothes,” explains our Miss September 1980. “The whole Playmate experience has been very beneficial for me. Most importantly, it's helped me overcome my shyness. I'm not nearly as reserved as I used to be.” The Playmate credits Playboy for making her a brand-new woman who is so uninhibited, she is able to discuss sex freely without pausing to blush. “I’ve always had this fantasy about having a sexual experience on the beach at night—in a private little cove somewhere, with the stars out and all that. The only thing that disturbs me about that particular fantasy is the prospect of dealing with the sand,” laughs Lisa. Whether or not she will ever live out her fantasy will remain a mystery, but she did land herself a Prince Charming play in the sand with. After working on several films including Revenge of the Nerds and History of the World: Part I, Lisa settled down with her husband and raised their nine children together on their winery in Malibu. Along with producing Semler and Saddlerock Wines, the pair tend to exotic animals like giraffes and zebras who live on the grounds of the winery. Seems to us like Lisa Welch has finally found her forever home.