Liv Lindeland

Liv Lindeland


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Playmate of the month

January 1971

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Every year, thousands of people from around the world travel the United States with hopes of living in the land where opportunities are endless—where anyone can achieve the American Dream. When Norwegian stunner Liv Lindeland first came to the U.S., she didn’t have any of these ambitions in mind –she just wanted to go on vacation. “It was my restlessness that made me decide to come to America in 1965,” says Liv, whose name means life in Norwegian. “I came just for a visit; but when I arrived, I liked the country and the people so much I decided to stay.” She first lived in Boston and began her modeling career until friends of hers convinced her to go out West where she could work as a model and as an actress. She was cast in television commercials, on variety shows like Rowan and Martin’s Laugh-In where Playmate Janice Pennington got her start, and earned roles in movies like The Love Machine, Save the Tiger and Evel Knievel. “I enjoy making films, but someday I’d like to get more into legitimate theater, perhaps in London, where it is very well supported,” admits our European Playmate of the Month. “On the stage, more than in films, you’re aware of the audience’s expectations and of the quality of your own performance, because the people are right there in front of you. And from their applause—or lack of it—you can tell if you’re a good actress or just another struggling amateur. But, until I decide to make that permanent move to the theater, I’ll keep busy in movies and in TV, doing stick just in the summertime.” Which is great news for Hollywood because the entertainment industry cannot seem to get enough of the naturally, voluptuous Scandinavian and neither could Playboy fans after she was made our Miss January 1971. “When I heard I’d been selected Playmate of the Year, I felt proud and honored, but I didn’t really get that excited. However, I’m sure I’ll flip out when it’s announced publicly,” honestly says our Miss 1972. “I react to my appearances in films and on television the same way. I don’t feel much of anything when I’m working on a movie or a TV show, but when the film’s finally released or the show is on, then I’m thrilled to death.” Liv’s face did light up once she saw the array of prizes that come along with earning the highest of Playboy honors. From her ski trip to Switzerland to her Playmate Pink 1972 Schwinn Super Sport ten-speed bicycle, our Miss 1972—the first Playmate to ever show full frontal nudity—was overjoyed. “It’s absolutely fantastic,” says Liv of her Lincoln-Mercury De Tomaso Pantera. “It’ll be great for driving around Los Angeles, but I really can’t wait to take it to Palm Springs. I often head out there when I have a weekend away from the studios. If only they’d hike the speed limit on the San Bernardino Freeway, I could make it in half the time, because the Pantera will go up to 150 miles an hour.” Living in America has changed Liv’s life in countless ways, but she admits there is one thing she refuses to change. “I still have my Norwegian accent, even though I’ve been in America now for several years and I’ve taken speech lessons. I’ve tried to mellow the inflection a bit for TV and films, but I don’t want to lose it entirely,” Liv Lindeland explains. “My accent is part of my personality and it identifies my heritage.” We wouldn’t want her to change a single thing about herself.