Liz Stewart

Liz Stewart


San Francisco California USA


5' 6"

Playmate of the month

July 1984

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Liz Stewart knew from a young age she wanted to work within Playboy. Decades after she first donned the famous bunny ears, she is still part of our Playboy family. Her career began in Century City, at The Playboy Club where the all-natural brunette dazzled patrons as Bunny Liz. However, before she got a hang of the position, the busty beauty from San Francisco found the job to be challenging, much more difficult than she had anticipated. “It's easy after you become a Bunny and you know what you're doing, know the ropes. But, it's not easy to become a Bunny,” advises Miss Stewart who thinks back to her first days at the club. “The worst night I ever had was the first night I was on the floor. I felt so slow. I'm not by nature a slow person: I'm usually quick and on top of things. But, that night, I was bad. I was working with a senior Bunny and I knew she was getting very upset with me. Well, at the end of that shift, I cried. I stuck my head in the locker so the other girls couldn't see me. But, I kept at it. And when I'd mastered it, I found it was a breeze—and it was good money.” Liz was raised by her single Nicaraguan mother who taught her how important it was to follow your dreams, even if it’s an ambitious dream like working in the entertainment industry. Liz’s mother noticed early on that her daughter had a passion for photography and while Mom thought Liz needed to be in front of the lens, our Miss July 1984 envisioned herself working behind the scenes. “I want to do fashion photography. It's the easiest thing for me to do. I modeled when I was younger. My mother sent me to Barbizon. I didn't pursue it, but because of that experience, I can basically put myself in a model's place; I can tell her and I can show her what I want and, you know, it really works!” says Miss Stewart. The aspiring photographer went on to attend the University of California in Los Angeles—not for photography, but to study interior design. With her new degree, her eye for photography and her history with Playboy, Liz landed herself a job at Playboy magazine and Playboy TV as an art director and production designer. Most recently, her work was observed by millions on the E! Channel television show, Girls Next Door. She’s come a long way since the days of Bunny Liz.


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