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Llauryn Hendrix

Llauryn Hendrix
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Llauryn Hendrix is a model, actress, podcast host, and flight attendant from Huntsville, Alabama. “What I love most about it is the very loving community,” shares Llauryn of her hometown. “Everywhere you go, everyone knows your name. There is [also] a lot of growth and culture— I love the trees and fresh air!” Llauryn takes pride in showing up as her authentic self. “What people wouldn’t know about me at first glance is I’m a delightful blend of goofy and quirky,” she begins. “[I] embrace every opportunity to move with a playful, lighthearted spirit. I’m really sensitive and compassionate, [too], allowing me to connect with others on a profound level.” Llauryn’s love for her work shines through in all her projects. “The entertainment industry holds a special place in my heart. It’s where creativity knows no bounds and a place where storytelling takes center stage,” she says. When it comes to posing nude, Llauryn is happy to be here. “My experience has been mind-blowing. I always remember saying that one day I would be in Playboy— I did it,” she smiles. “I feel that posing nude is liberating. It’s a sense of self-love and magical to let go and express myself sexually.” Learn more about Llauryn Hendrix here on Playboy Plus.