Luann Lee

Luann Lee


Santa Monica California USA


5' 4"

Playmate of the month

January 1987

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Luann Lee hopes to one day sell out stadiums and become as big as Madonna, but the blonde from Santa Monica is a practical woman who knows that making it in the music industry requires a lot of sacrifices. “I didn't want to starve to be a singer, so I followed the business route. I'm pragmatic,” explains Luann, who graduated from high school a year earlier than her classmates. With a passion for finance and investments, our blue-eyed Playmate of the Month became the youngest insurance agent at Metropolitan Life insurance when she was hired at the tender age of 21. Within four short years, Miss January 1987 went on to become a national marketing director and—being the smart Playmate she is—she saved up all of her earnings so she could focus on her dreams. “Now I'm singing again. Things have worked out wonderfully. Working hard when it's worktime and playing when it's playtime,” says the busty Playmate. Along with pursuing a singing career, Miss Lee is also acting and hosting. From having acted in the movie Beverly Hills Cop II, and the television show Married with Children, producers in Hollywood were entranced by Luann’s quick wit and sexy voice. Miss January 1987 was invited to host several television shows like BackChat with Survivor’s Jeff Probst, FX Entertainment News and HBO’sEntertainment News. No matter how glamorous Luann’s life has become, she cannot help, but think as the savvy financier she once was. “Sugar futures have to go up only a few pennies for me to parlay that into a chunk of money. Cotton may be next,” laughs Miss Lee. With Miss January 1987’s eyes set on the expansion of sugar, her next investment will be a man with good commodities to provide her with some sugar. “He needs to have a sense of humor, direction, understanding, integrity, sexy, handsome and a conversationalist,” says Luann. Sounds like he’ll be the safest investment she’s ever made.