Maitland Ward

Maitland Ward

Playboy All Star of the month

October 2021

On Her Hometown

Long Beach, CA. I loved growing up in a beach community that also had a real hometown feel to it.

Passion Projects

I’m a writer — that’s one of my biggest passions. I went through the UCLA screenwriting program, and am a certified yoga instructor.

Hidden Talents

I can do an impression of anyone if I’m around them long enough. In fact, if I spend a lot of time with someone I’ll naturally just start doing it. I think that’s what made me good at acting as a kid.

Ideal Night In

A bath, a book, and a glass of red wine. Add some chocolate and a sex toy in and it’s perfect.

Keep It Light

Making me laugh is such a turn-on. A turn-off would be someone who takes themselves so seriously.

Words of Wisdom

Anyone who is trying to tell you that you can’t do something or be something is just trying to dim your light.

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Chances are, you’ve already met Maitland Ward in some capacity, but we’re thrilled to introduce her as our October 2021 All Star. While you may have read her IMBd page or know her as Brittany Wilson from the famous movie “White Chicks” or Rachel McGuire from the 90’s sitcom “Boy Meets World,” there is so much more to know about the woman behind those characters. To go deeper, we interviewed Maitland, an actress, adult star, writer, all-around performer, and entertainment personality. “I don’t believe in labels,” begins Maitland bluntly. “When I was asked after starting my porn career if I was now a porn star and not an actress, I said, ‘I am always an actress,’ one doesn’t negate the other. No one should have to set aside a part of themselves to satisfy something else.” Since her days in popular film and television, Maitland has taken the adult industry by storm. With over 25 million views on Pornhub of her xxx videos, one million followers on OnlyFans, and a growing fanbase on Reddit, Instagram, and Twitter, Maitland is doing everything she’s ever wanted and then some. “My passion is performing, whether it be acting, sexual performance, or even in my writing — I love to create characters,” she shares. “I’m so proud of the work I’m able to do in all areas of my life now. Especially because I was told I couldn’t or shouldn’t do any of it.” It’s her work that empowers her. “Hollywood told me I could never make a career out of being my authentic self. I proved Hollywood wrong,” she smiles. “Female empowerment is being whoever you want to be and not letting others dictate anything. Anyone who is trying to tell you that you can’t do something is just trying to dim your light.” Maitland first came across Playboy in her father’s desk drawer. “I thought the girls were all so beautiful,” she says. “It shocked me that they were so free and naked like that, but it fascinated me too.” Maitland is proud to be our October 2021 All Star. “Playboy is such an iconic brand that stands for the art and expression of the female form — to be a part of it is such a special thing for me,” she shares. “After being told for so long that I couldn’t and shouldn’t be sexy, and to now be a part of this legendary Playboy family, is awe-inspiring.” When she’s not working, Maitland spends her time doing the little things she loves the most. “I love writing, yoga, playing with my two adopted dogs, traveling, and being a foodie with my husband,” she says. “I [also] love to cook or bake elaborate dishes when I have time.” Learn more about the legendary Maitland Ward right here on Playboy Plus.


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