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Mallory Dylan

Mallory Dylan


Malibu CA USA


5' 6"

Playboy Muse of the month

November 2007

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Mallory Dylan won Cybergirl of the Month for November 2007, and though it’s one of the year’s coldest months, she sure knew how to keep the fans nice and hot. “Shooting for Playboy is very different from other modeling,” says dark-haired Mallory. “I'm actually allowed to show some personality and what I’m thinking during these shoots, which I'm not used to!” Interior design student Mallory did not hold back when it came to expressing herself during the photo shoot. “To be honest, sex is what I was thinking about for most of the photo shoot," says Mallory, who considers herself a Malibu girl at heart. “I mean, I'm naked and posing in sexy positions, so it's kind of hard to think of anything else...well, that and lunch!" If that’s how she positions herself during lunch, fans would love an invitation.