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Mandy Kay

Mandy Kay


Dallas Texas USA


5' 1"

Playboy Muse of the month

October 2014

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Say hello to Mandy Kay, a model from Dallas, Texas. She’s petite at 5’2”, with brown hair, brown eyes and a rather full, rather illustrious rear end. “Being from Texas, I love everything about the outdoors,” says Mandy. “I also love food, and I can eat any guy under the table. I like to bake, and desserts are my specialty.” A model by day, Miss Kay is no party animal by night – she’s more of a homebody, and would rather go for a round of Twister than order a martini with a twist. “When I was younger, I never got into any trouble,” she says. “I was a good girl and I went to the mall with my friends every weekend.” That said, Mandy is no stranger to nude modeling – that tempting, girl-next-door appeal has served her very well as a model. “I’ve always wanted to pose for Playboy,” she says. “I have no problem with nudity or sexuality, as long as it’s tasteful. I’m comfortable in my own skin.” With her open-mindedness in mind, we made Mandy our Cybergirl of the Month for October 2014. When it comes to men, Mandy has good taste, and she tends to favor the homemade. “A guy has to have a good sense of humor,” she says. “He should love to laugh, and enjoy food and family time. I’d rather be in a relationship than be single – when I’m with the right guy, I’m the happiest girl in the world.” When we look at her pictorials, we’re similarly enamored of Miss Kay, and we’ve got a feeling that you guys are gonna love her, too.


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