Mardi Jacquet

Mardi Jacquet


Châteauroux France


5' 6"

Playmate of the month

October 1980

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Mardi Jacquet has been told since she was a youngster that her first name is quite unique. Mardi, French for Tuesday, was born in Châteauroux, France, but was raised in California after being adopted by an American couple with four sons between them. “Well, I was raised with four boys. I put away my dolls when I was five and started playing with cars,” says the all-natural blonde. “There's nothing I like more than taking my Maverick out into the desert and doing 360s.” Mardi spent years living the tomboy lifestyle with her four brothers, but she could also be the ultimate girly girl, a scrapper, a philosopher, a chatterbox and a country gal. It doesn’t matter where the busty model finds herself—her home state of California or her new home state of Arizona—she always seems to make friends in an instant. “I love this place,” says our Playmate of the Month of Arizona. “The people are friendly, laid back, easygoing. Arizona is more of a party state than California. I can go tubing down the Verde River and everyone on the bank will invite me to join their picnics. I can go into a bar and see a hundred friends.” It’s no wonder Mardi receives an unlimited number of picnic invitations. She is a beautiful, busty blonde who just happens to be our Miss October 1980. However, Mardi just thinks her collection of new friends is because of her vivacious personality. “I’ve got incredible energy. If I go into a bar, I won’t stop until I’ve talked to everybody. I love to party all night, but that’s understandable. In Arizona, nobody goes out during the day. It’s too hot,” explains Miss Jacquet. Mardi is not only energetic, but she’s also a wise woman who isn’t afraid to go after what she wants and when she wants it. “My motto is this: if you don’t have spirit, you don’t have anything. I have seen too many wealthy people who are lifeless. I exist for excitement, for the thrill of the moment I guess I’m your classic maniac,” says the French-American model. “But, don’t ask me a lot of questions. I’m too complicated, too full of contradictions. For example, I like the indoors—but with the sun coming through the window. I like the outdoors—as long as I can sit in the shade. See what I mean?” The complexity of all these contradicting layers make up the beauty that is Mardi Jacquet.