Marga Cifuentes

Marga Cifuentes


Buenos Aires Argentina


5' 4"

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We found una estrella verdadera in Marga Cifuentes, an actress and photographer from Buenos Aires, Argentina. She’s on the petite side – 5’4” – with brown hair, brown eyes and a wide-open mind. “Being happy is a decision,” says Marga. “I’m passionate about the arts, theater, literature and good food – I’m very comfortable in my own skin.” Raised in and around Colombia, Marga makes her home in the vibrant capital of Argentina, where she studied dramatic arts at university. “I consider myself an actress first,” she says. “I haven't done a lot of modeling, but Playboy is a legend – they brought in a whole new era of sexual liberation. I don't just want to model - I want to be a Playmate.” When she’s not on stage (or behind the lens of her own camera, for that matter), Marga loves to go out with her friends – she loves salsa dancing and reggaeton, tequila shots with beer chasers and some good-natured billiards with the boys. “I’m single, but I’m definitely not alone,” she says, confident. “I haven’t found the right guy. Deep down, I’m a romantic – I want everything, but not with just anyone!” Don’t worry, Miss Cifuentes – we think you’re one in a million.


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