Marianna Merkulova

Marianna Merkulova


Sevastopol Crimea


5' 8"

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For Marianna Merkulova, modeling is a way of life, not just a career. Born and raised in Sevastopol, a city on the coast of the Black Sea, Marianna was a shy girl with bigger dreams than she initially let on. “Growing up, I didn’t have many friends,” she admits. “I was a quiet, modest girl—most people from high school would probably be surprised that I’m a nude model these days!” When she was a teenager, Marianna saw something on television that led her to become a model. “I saw a program about a model who was doing a Playboy shoot,” she remembers. “I decided I wanted to be a Playboy model, too. I told my family, and though everybody laughed, it’s actually happened—I’m here on Playboy Plus. I can say that one of my dreams has come true.” While she’ll continue to model, Marianna is hoping to study fashion and learn to design her own clothes. Whether she’s engaged in wearing clothing or not, we find Miss Merkulova irresistibly charming, and can’t wait to see what she does next.